Contract Farming

Contract farming is at the core of our business and James Mahon & Sons are proud to offer a wide range of agricultural services. We make it our priority to drive down costs for our clients and increase margins by using the latest in agricultural technology.


Our fleet of modern machinery allows timely and accurate operations to be completed to the highest standard and with great attention to detail. GPS technology has enabled us to be at the forefront of precision farming by using John Deere’s Star Fire system in conjunction with real time kinematic (RTK), thus achieving a very high level of precision and accuracy.

James Mahon & Sons are proud to offer a variety of services to help grow your business whether it is single operations, stubble to stubble agreements, one off work or contract/share farming agreements. 

  • John Deere 680i Combine – 30ft header equipped with Yield Mapping Technology

  • Sands self-propelled sprayer equipped with 24 metre boom

  • STX 480 Case Quadtrac

  • John Deere 7280R

  • John Deere 7920

  • John Deere 6920

  • JCB 531-70 Telehandler

  • JCB 526 Telehandler

  • Dalbo 12.3 Metre Cambridge Rolls

  • Amazone ZA-M hydro profis fertiliser spreader

  • Simba SL Cultivator 5.0 Metre

  • Gregoire besson Cultivator 4.7 Metre

  • Kuhn Power Harrow 6.0 Metre

  • Simba Cultipress 5.5 Metre

  • 6.0 Metre New Zealand built Cross Slot Direct Drill (Seed, Fertiliser, Companion crops and Slug Bait placement)

  • 6.0 Metre Vaderstad rapid drill

  • Single Leg Mole Plough

  • 7 Furrow Lemkin plough

  • JCB JS131 Excavator (13 tonne)

  • DJI Phantom 4 plus drone